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Gold Paisley Silk Scarf

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Add a pop of color and good vibes to your ensembles with this Knotted Words’ Gold Paisley Silk Scarf. This premium 100% Mulberry silk scarf has a vintage quality that is irresistible with its classic paisley motif and bright lettering proclaiming ‘More Kindness, Less Judgement.’ Timeless elegance at its finest. 

Crack open your special fortune cookie triangle box to find your Gold Paisley Silk Scarf with a secret inspirational message inscribed, meant just for you.

Experience the beauty and luxury of two scarves in one with this double-layered piece.

  • Reversible with a different pattern on each side
  • Secret inspirational message on one side
  • All messages are unique to Knotted Words
  • Orders are gift ready with branded tissue paper, ribbon, signature triangle box, and shipping container.


21 x 21 Inches

Made of 100% Natural Mulberry Silk

Memorable Unboxing Experience

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This is a friendly reminder
to take special care of yourself.

Don’t forget to nurture your body, mind, and soul

just like the orchid that requires gentle care:

the perfect soil, the right light, the best water.

But even the dandelions that find a way

to push through concrete

benefit from the sun’s warmth.

Nurture yourself and you, too,

will flourish through

the roughest of times.


Do unto yourself.

Give yourself the same love

you give to those you care for.

Give yourself the same attention

you give to those you admire.

Give yourself the same time

you give to those you support.

And know you are worthy

to receive all that you give to others.

You, dear, are the center

of your own sweet universe.


The beauty of your soul
matches the beauty of nature.

Open your palms to the rain

and your heart to the forest.

Touch your feet to the soil

and let your soul be touched.

Feel the wind kiss your cheeks

and breathe in the fresh air of acceptance.

Every element of the earth

supports every element of you.