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Knotted Words Library

Each scarf you order carries a secret, one-of-a-kind inspirational message just for you.
While every scarf design has its own collection of unique messages, there's one waiting to resonate with your heart.

Explore our library of messages; your perfect match is here, waiting to speak to you!
All messages are exclusive to Knotted Words.

Dots & Stars Scarf

Your scarf will come with one of the following messages inscribed.

Celebrate your small victories.
That’s called progress!

The way you appreciate the moon’s beauty
no matter its phase,
should be the way you praise your own journey. 
The way you play in the ocean 
whether tides are high or low,
should be the way you enjoy 
the ebb and flow of your life.

Trust in yourself.

My sweet, everything you feel is valid. 
No explanation, no justification is needed. 
Lift your intuition like a lantern 
and the mist before your eyes will clear.
Stay strong in your convictions
and doubt will never cloud your mind. 
Sing aloud the wishes in your heart and you will always know your path.

You are a beautiful masterpiece of creation.

Every brushstroke of a painting has a purpose. 
Every atom of the natural world has its place. 
Every mistake has a lesson. 
And even your shadow self, 
the parts of you that you’d rather forget, 
make up part of a whole that cannot be replaced. 

Don’t let your fear
decide your future.

The long nights of your life
are still lit by the silver glow 
of the moon behind the clouds. 
The sun is waiting 
just below every dark horizon. 
And your strength is waiting 
underneath your fears, 
ready for you to reach
into the skyline.

Your energy can never be destroyed, only transformed. 

Your energy is creative—
it brings new life up from the barren soil. 
Your energy is powerful—
even the sun basks in your light. 
Your energy is beautiful— 
flowers open at the sound of your voice. 
Embrace the energy you bring 
to a world that needs your nurturing warmth. 

Your beauty comes from your uniqueness.

Let go, my sweet,
and let the beauty of the real you 
shine through like a fire behind your eyes. 
Your strength lies in your spark.
Don’t be afraid to show yourself. 
Being yourself in a culture 
that doesn’t always see you 
for who you are,
is a quiet courage 
in a loud world. 

You are a product
of your own design.

Where do you look to find yourself? 
You won’t find her in the eyes of others. 
You’ll create her every day— 
building yourself up, 
brick by sturdy brick 
of your thoughts and actions, 
feelings and beliefs 
to form the foundation 
of who you will become. 

Be the star of your own life.

Oh, my creative one, 
you are the playwright of your world.
Your blank page lies before you, 
open, waiting for you to write 
your part in the play, to embrace 
whatever role you choose. 
Take your place on center stage, darling. 
You no longer have to wait 
for someone else 
to put you in the spotlight.

Your time is yours alone.
Take a breath and use it.

Celebrate the first breath of every morning 
and the last sigh of every night. 
Time runs like sand through your fingers. 
And all the days gifted to you, my dear, 
are lovely, and then they’re gone. 
But as long as you breathe in your own stillness, 
you’ll breathe out the things you can’t change— 
fill your lungs with peace, 
feeling every inhale and exhale, 
making the time your own. 

Manifest your wishes
through your words.

Write the philosophy of your life 
in the language of your dreams. 
Speak the wonders of your hopes 
in the words that pass your lips. 
Let your dreamscape become reality— 
your thoughts will become your truth. 

Pink Floral Scarf

Your scarf will come with one of the following messages inscribed.

Being persistent is your true success. 

For every passionate dreamer in the world, 
there is success. 
When you measure your success
by the reach of your tallest branches, 
it’s normal to feel disappointed. 
Your persistence is your true success. 
It moves you forward, 
ever closer to your dreams. 
And the rushing of the wind is whispering 
through the leaves to keep going 
even through the stormiest days.

You were created for a purpose.
You have a special place in the universe.

You perceive the world 
as an intricate cosmos
in which every leaf, 
creature, wave of the sea, 
shines with stardust.
You too, are necessary and gorgeous 
among the beings of the earth. 
Your human existence
is just as invaluable 
and essential as each 
spark that lights up the dark.

You’re unique and your journey
is crafted specially for you.

Diversity in the universe,
mankind, and nature
is of the utmost importance.
Your individuality defines
your unique brightness and warmth.
In a diverse world, 
you shine your own light—
just like every breathtaking sunset 
and every mesmerizing sunrise
shines in their own way
and at their own time
without dimming 
each other’s light.

This is a friendly reminder
to take special care of yourself. 

Don’t forget to nurture your body, mind, and soul
just like the orchid that requires gentle care: 
the perfect soil, the right light, the best water. 
But even the dandelions that find a way 
to push through concrete 
benefit from the sun’s warmth. 
Nurture yourself and you, too, 
will flourish through 
the roughest of times. 

When everything is quiet,
take time to listen to your soul.

My dear friend, trust the process.
Timing is never wrong. 
When the quiet season comes, 
be still anyway. 
Breathe, love, and meditate.
Savor the sound of silence. 
Listen to the whispering within you.
Revel in the depths of your mind. 
You will not be left behind. 
Others will race while you rise. 

Start every new day with a grateful heart and allow yourself to enjoy small things.

Every day the sun rises,
the light kisses your skin, 
every part of you lit from within, 
powered by the glow of a new day.
Every day is an opportunity to grow,
to learn, and to find joy 
even in the smallest things.
Every day is a new chance 
to bask in the bright side, 
to try again, 
to embrace every flaw, 
and to feel the warmth of love. 

The beauty of your soul matches
the beauty of nature.

Open your palms to the rain
and your heart to the forest.
Touch your feet to the soil 
and let your soul be touched.
Feel the wind kiss your cheeks
and breathe in the fresh air of acceptance.
Every element of the earth
supports every element of you.

Do unto yourself.

Give yourself the same love 
you give to those you care for. 
Give yourself the same attention 
you give to those you admire. 
Give yourself the same time 
you give to those you support. 
And know you are worthy
to receive all that you give to others. 
You, dear, are the center 
of your own sweet universe. 

The greatest love of all has always been
right in front of you.

My dear, you are always loved. 
The wind plays with your hair. 
The ocean waves kiss your toes. 
The grass cradles you in its green blanket. 
The trees shelter you under their branches. 
You don’t need to look for love 
when the earth gives it to you so freely.

Breathe the peace of your inner self.
Find calm in the eye of the storm.

Lie in the grass and listen to 
the whispers of the wind 
as it brushes your face. 
Close your eyes. 
Still your hummingbird heart. 
You are safe among the wildflowers. 
This calmness is always in you, 
wherever you are. 
Feel its nectar seep into your mind 
and turn your buzzing thoughts to honey. 

Gold Paisley - Double Sided Silk Scarf - Knotted Words
Gold Paisley - Double Sided Silk Scarf - Knotted Words

Gold Paisley Scarf

Your scarf will come with one of the following messages inscribed.

Live every day fulfilled.
There is no emptiness in love.

Your reason for being 
is simply to be. 
Lift up your feet and float like driftwood. 
Swim with the current that pulls you 
to bluer waters. 
Drink in the changes, the challenges, the dreams. 
The waves will wash away your worries 
and your cup will always be half full.

Strengthen your roots and
love the process of growth.

If you reach flawlessness,
there is nowhere higher left to climb.
So, ignore the peaks of perfection.
Your best, snow-capped self
is the one who keeps learning
and keeps walking 
through mountains and valleys
with a grateful heart— 
strengthening her evergreen roots,
leaving perfection behind,
and instead, loving the process
of growth.  

Put judgment aside and
live your life the way you want.

When you shed the cocoon of your inhibitions,
your insecurities, and your fear,
not everyone will recognize you
as the same person.
But you don’t need to
explain your evolution.
You have strengthened
your stained-glass wings
and your new self is just as bold 
and colorful as the last—
but it’s finally brave enough to break free 
from the cage of other people’s judgement.

Changes are not failures.
They’re just new directions.

When a ship changes its course,
it’s not a failure—
the winds simply shifted.
And when you change your goals,
it’s not a failure—
the current beneath you simply shifted.
And these new waves
can carry you further
than the edge of your tattered map.

In the aftermath, you will find
the strength to heal yourself.

Gather the broken pieces of you.
They’re as precious as the bluest sea glass. 
Wear them proudly around your neck.  
Your vulnerability gives you power 
and the cracks only show where
you’ve mended yourself with gold, 
replacing old scars with the shimmer of strength.

Forgiving is an act of self-love.
Not easy, but indeed necessary.

Forgiving those who hurt you
isn’t always possible.
But the person who needs
your forgiveness most
is your past self—
who still scratches at the itchy plaster cast,
who has her whole future to left to heal.
Kiss your own wounds—
the love you need most
comes from within.

This little light of yours?
It’s time to let it shine.

Darling, be the sunshine of your own life— 
set your judgments down at the end of the day, 
rise to meet the morning of your expectations, 
nourish the soil you grow in, 
and kindle within yourself 
the light you always knew was there. 

Be mindful of what you think
and careful of what you say.

Let sweet words be the
only ones to leave your lips.
Let kind thoughts be
the loudest in your mind.
Let gentleness be the feeling
that moves your hands.
And let your love
be the force that guides you
through the sunshine
and the rain.  

You can’t hold back the floods of
change. So find yourself a boat. 

Allow your life to flow like water. 
Embrace every turbulent current, 
every lazy stream, 
every drop in the ocean of your desires.
The crashing waves will turn to ripples 
and your heart will swell with the soothing rhythm 
of rising and falling 
with the tides of change.  

The best version of you will always be your most authentic self.

Honesty starts with yourself. 
Telling the truth can taste bitter, 
but trusting yourself will always be sweet. 
Let your deepest thoughts fill your belly, 
but leave your judgments on the plate. 
Everything you feel is valid 
and every undeniable emotion 
pulls you further into fullness.