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Knotted Words, A Ritual of Self-Love.

 Knotted Words strives to create a uniquely packaged, self-love experience for the person who enjoys elegant finery and surprises. Crack open our signature fortune cookie box to find a luxurious silk scarf with a secret inspirational message that destiny has chosen for you.

 A Note From Our Founder.

I started Knotted Words with the idea to combine my love for high-end scarves, design, and spreading positivity.

I find inspiration wherever I go. For my 30th birthday, my husband surprised me with a trip to NYC. While in Chinatown, I received a fortune cookie with a special message about growing wiser with age that resonated with me personally. During my many brainstorming sessions for Knotted Words, that fortune-cookie memory came to mind and something clicked! I knew I had something I wanted to explore more. Now, I want to share that same thoughtful experience with you.

Like my fortune cookie, I wanted to recreate that emotional connection with deep, poetic messages that resound and bring positivity into a woman’s life. With my background in industrial design, I made it my mission to spread the same joy through an unboxing experience unlike any other.

Our keepsake scarves are double-sided and made from 100% mulberry silk, one of the finest, smoothest natural fibers around. But our crowning feature is its design. Each scarf has a decorative motif on one side, with your special message inscribed on the reverse side. You can read a sample message here.

The messages are exclusively written for Knotted Words. Each piece is specially made by a small, family-owned atelier where we ensure that you are getting the finest quality imaginable.

Thank you for reading and for your support. It means the world to me.

With love & gratitude,

Founder, Knotted Words.


Breathe in the peace
of your inner self.

Lie in the grass and listen to

the whispers of the wind

as it brushes your face. 

Close your eyes. 

Still your hummingbird heart. 

You are safe among the wildflowers. 

This calmness is always in you, 

wherever you are. 

Feel its nectar seep into your mind 

and turn your buzzing thoughts to honey.